Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Family Gathering

We took a trip down to Verona Beach this weekend for a family gathering. What a miserable day. It rained and was windy for most of it. Eventually it ceased but it still was VERY wet. The kids spotted a playground nearby and inbetween rain showers went to check it out.

Margie riding "bubbie" really fast!!

Sam on the dinosaur.

Hiking to the water.

There it is. Beautiful Oneida Lake.

Brad's girls!

It was well worth the drive to Margie. She was handed a plate full of cake and frosting. Oh boy. That made her VERY happy!!

Grandpa S with us. Darn Emmy couldn't sit still.
Great to see you all and love you so much.


The Parenti Family said...

Sorry the weather was so cruddy, but happy you got to see family! That's a nice spot ! Are there campgrounds there too?

marywaterman said...

How do you get your girls to all walk in such a nice little tight group with you like that? LOL My three would be running down the trail and I'd be yelling "OK, that's far enough ahead! OK!" Then someone would fall and scrape their knee and it would all go downhill from there. ha ha