Friday, September 10, 2010

emerging monarch

Boy, raising monarchs will teach you patience! Finally after over a month our baby monarch has emerged. We got to catch "the moment" this time around. Every other time we have done this the butterfly surprised us, so this time was extra special.
Funny how nature takes its course. It knew it wanted to get down to that sunshine on the floor and it kept crawling that way and I would move it back on the counter a little farther. It eventually got over there without my interference and managed to float down to the floor. Duh, it was telling me all along it wanted to get down there.
It liked Georgia's sleeve.
Proud Georgia. She screamed every other year and wouldn't touch any of the previous butterflies we've raised. Making steps Georgia.
Now I think it's telling us it wants to get outside. We waited for dad to come home from school to release him. Brad wanted to get a picture so I said ok Georgia get it on your sleeve again and Brad you had better get outside in front of her because it will happen fast. As the words were coming out of my mouth it was gone. In a flash Brad was out, Georgia was walking out, Brad was lifting the camera, the butterfly was off and flying away. Needless to say we have no "release" pictures! What FUN!!

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The Parenti Family said...

Beautiful!! I'm glad you caught the moment it emerged!! We have 4 in the prek now. so.. it'll take about a month!!? I hope all of ours make it. I put them up high to no one shakes their cage too much. Can't wait!!!
have a good weekend!!!