Friday, May 15, 2009

Josie at T-ball

A couple pictures of Margie Sue. She certainly is filling out.

Softball season has begun. This is actually at Josie's T-ball practice. We haven't had very nice weather yet so we have to stay bundled up. Last time I was able to get out and play a little. Nice form Em.
She caught it!!
There is Jo practicing grounders.

Isn't she cute? At least she looks the part!


The Parenti Family said...

Have fun at T-ball Josie! You look GREAT out there! You too Em and Mom!!
Christian was suppose to have a game last night too, but it was cancelled due to wind and rain. Poor Kit was scared to death when I went to put him last night.. it was REALLY windy!
I will be sure to take some pictures at the next game to share!!
Have a fun, good weekend!

heavenly bliss said...

Great job at T-Ball slugger!! Hope you are having a fun time. Love Daddy