Friday, May 8, 2009

Examining Rocks and Minerals

During our unit on the Earth I got out my rock and mineral collection. I took an Earth Science class and had to buy this collection a few years ago. At one time I had them all classified but now I will have to go through the steps again with the girls so that we know what is what for sure again.
After playing around with the rocks, feeling different weights and recognizing characteristics they each picked out their favorite.

75$ collection better have a use beyond one semester!!


The Parenti Family said...

Playing with and studying rocks and minerals is a real favorite "science" activitiy here in the preschool!! Sometimes we wet them down too to see how they change, or get out the magnifined glasses. They are pretty aren't they?
I took a geology course Jen and I have forgotten it all now too.. glad you could get a second use out of them!!!
have fun!!!
Jenny P,

Joannof10 said...

Maybe you can earn back some of your money by renting out all those great rocks after you're finished, although I made need a cheat sheet so I would know what they are.