Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bumblebee Craft

This is a must-do craft. It is a bumblebee plant poke made out of a mustard container.
I saw this craft a while ago and really thought it was cute but we needed to use up the remaining inch of mustard in our container. Needless to say, I gave Brad a little EXTRA mustard on his hot dogs the night before!!

Measuring his antennae and working together!!
The kids had a little extra-curricular fun with the large googly eyes. Poor Margie was the blunt of all the jokes.
Looks kinda freaky.
Wow even Josie and Emeline worked together. There was a shot right before this moment that Josie looked entirely like she might blow a fuse but I decided for her sake not to include that one for all to see.
Georgia looking like she is REALLY enjoying the assembly of his antennae.
It wasn't too far into it that baby Margie started fussing. I'm at the point now where I have a real mother's helper. She can hold that baby, do the dishes, vacuum and everything. She is quite the little house maid. (Did I say maid?)
Josie adding the final touches.
Here it is greeting everyone as they come up the driveway- but since when is Cousin Itt a part of our family?


The Parenti Family said...

Very cute! what did you use for the "poke" part?
We'll have to do this one come summertime...but we have to eat a lot of mustard before then.. I'll have to start putting it on my sandwiches more!! :)
Nice eyes Margie! :)
Jenny P. said...

I love it! maybe we'll start eating more mustard here if we introduce this project!
we made a bumblebee piƱata that resembles this very much!
warm regards