Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Making a Hornbook

We are taking the Colonial period to the next level. Over and over we have come across hornbooks and decided that we needed to make one. Here is Josie writing her letters as neatly as possible for her hornbook.
I cut out the shape from cardboard, the girls wrote out their alphabets
(Georgia also wrote the Lord's Prayer and more) and glued them on the cardboard.
Next to symbolize or represent the thinly shaved horn that was used in Colonial times I used waxed paper to protect our script.
Here they are, their very own hornbooks.
Here are my dorky daughters. We have been reading the American Girl Felicity series. She is a girl living in 1774. Throughout our studies, and to supplement the text book, we have been on webquests, making crafts and reading about the Colonial period. One of the things that the girls found particularly interesting is the schooling and dress of this particular period in history. Today after reading some of "Felicity Learns a Lesson", the girls disappeared. I overheard them saying "tie it tighter", "make it really tight". This caught my attention and when I discovered what they were talking about I chuckled. We learned about women's "stays" and how they wanted them really tight. Both of the girls had ties to tie in the back of their dresses and were pretending they were stays. They learned something??!?

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The Parenti Family said...

I had never heard of a hornbook, see, you are teaching ME too!!!
good job girls!
I just updated our blog since I'm home today! Stop in and visit us!
Jenny P.