Friday, November 7, 2008


SURPRISE to those who haven't heard yet! Yes, I am expecting and am due in March.
Yes, we are having yet ANOTHER girl, heaven help me.


Jessie Mae said...

We look forward to meeting another beautiful niece/cousin in March!


Aunt Jessie, Uncle Matt, and Elsie

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

We can't wait to greet another georgous, smart, beautiful, loving little girl into your family. We are so very proud of each one of you and love you all so very much!!!!!

The Parenti Family said...

Oh my gosh!! Congratulations! Another girl.. yippeee!!!
Praying for a healthy, pregnancy and a healthy happy little girl!
Love you all!
Jenny P and family :)

heavenly bliss said...

Mom I can't believe another girl!I'm glad and sad at the same time. Are you sure you are going to name her Margie Sue? I think that's the cutest name EVER! Love ya! Georgia