Monday, November 3, 2008

patiently waiting

I thought this was a cute picture of the horses patiently waiting for me to gather my supplies before I trimmed their hooves a couple days ago. What good kids!

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The Parenti Family said...

That's great you can trim your horses hooves... I wouldn't dare with Kit. His have to be done like "little teacups".. when he canters his back feet will actually go in front of his front feet and if they aren't trimmed just so (which is how I would do it!!!) he could trip and fall. That happened to Donna once while riding Kit. She broke some ribs and her ankle. Poor Kit was so concerned after her fall that he was nudging her to get up off the ground. As a matter of fact, do you want to come trim his feet for me?! :) He's over due. He hasn't had them done since August so he has not been ridden any faster than his run-walk. I should send you the info on his gaits. I remember you asking about them on our last visit. When I get the chance, I will! How did the trimming go? Kit gets antsy and has to have grain when the farrier comes.. I have to say, he is anything but patient!
I hope all is well there!! how was trick-or treating?? Now on to Thanksgiving. where does the time go?????
Give the girls a hug for me! Miss you all!
Jenny P.