Monday, October 20, 2008

Miniature Horses

The kids took a trip to visit some miniature horses. Ok, now I am hooked on these. They need one to drag around!


Jessie Mae said...

Wow those are neat little horses! Yes, you guys DO need one. ;) Elsie really enjoyed looking at these pictures. She always sits with me when we check your blog and just loves all the pictures.

The Parenti Family said...

So cute!! There is a mini horse that is in a pasture down the road from us and when we ride kit by the mini whinnies at us.. and oh my gosh it sounds JUST like it's laughing! It's histerical!!! Glad you got the clothes.. I forgot to email and tell you .. I even forgot what was in there b/c they were in my garage since August. I meant to have Wendy bring them then after the visit we had with them that month.. oops! Glad they smell good b/c I thought maybe they may need a wash.. whew!! :)
Some of the stuff was handed down to us from others, so they may just be play clothes, but I figure they'll use them for outside etc.
Enjoy your harvest dinner!! We don't do that one.. we had stinky corned beef.. the whole church smells like cabbage.. gross!
talk to you soon!