Wednesday, October 8, 2008


WE JUMPED OUT THE WINDOW! What better way to learn an escape route right? In preparation we went over our address so it is down pat. Then we had some pretend phone calls to 911. After that we learned about fires and what they would be like, how to get "under" the smoke, check for hot doors, never go back in ... you know all that stuff. Then we had some scenarios "What if the fire was during the day?" "What if the fire was during the night and I couldn't get to you?" Well this is where jumping through the window came in!

Josie was soo scared. It is such a long way down.

But look! My suggestion let your kids jump out of their window this week. Mine thought it was the weirdest, wackiest, coolest thing EVER. Look at goofy Georgia.

Then we did some Stopping - Dropping- and Rolling ...

Of course this turned very quickly into lets roll over eachother. Poor emmy got smooshed. She enjoyed it though.

After Daddy came home from work we hooked up the wagon and went on a four-wheeler ride through the woods to check out the leaves. This is the only picture I got. Unfortunately I didn't even get the leaves. We went over a bump and it jerked my camera down. After that I just decided I had better hold on. The trails are pretty bumpy out there.

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The Parenti Family said...

That's great you're making it so fun for them!! I remember having nightmares during fire prevention week.. with our woodstove and all. I was scared to death! It's good to have a plan!!! Do you remember drawing the "escape route plan"? I remember putting down having all of us meet by the "big tree in the front yard" or something like that!
have fun this week girls!
I'll check back soon!
love ya's