Monday, September 17, 2012

sea world part 1

We took a side trip while in Disney to visit Sea World.  I went there with my friend Jenny (Drake) Parenti and always said it was my favorite place.  Well I have since changed my mind about that but it is still awesome to see these marine animals that you can't see in your every day zoo.  Here is a sea turtle that was rescued.  They think it survived a shark attack, thus the missing flipper on the other side.  He was HUGE!

Dolphin show.  Need I say more?

Waving "hi".

We got to watch the dolphin feeding but missed our chance in the morning.  I thought about going back later to let Josie do it (dolphins are her current favorite animal) but we just got too hot.  Sea World doesn't take care of visitors like Disney does.  There weren't many spots to duck in and get out of the heat like there are at Disney World.

We got to feel sting rays.  They feel like a slimy sponge. 

Shamu!  What a show they put on.  We sat in the "soak zone" and let me tell you we soaked to the skin when those things were done splashing us. 

Beautiful flamingos.

More from Sea World to come!

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