Tuesday, September 11, 2012


As some of you may know we recently took a surprise trip to Disney!  The view of the clouds on the "other side"!  The kids were VERY good while flying.  They couldn't stop looking out the window.  It doesn't hurt that on the back of the seat in front of you, you can now get satellite television, radio, and movies!

Epcot takes you on a trip around the world and here are the girls in front of a viking while visiting Norway. 

China.  Each country has a restaurant and multiple shops.

Germany.  To immerse you a little more into the culture many of the people working in these areas are the real deal.  It was amazing the amount of different languages we heard.

A fountain in Italy.  We ate dinner in Italy.

Another view of Italy.  We learned some Italian while eating dinner.  It was funny trying to pronounce the items on the menu but Brad made the girls do it!

Great Britain

Japan.  We said we'll have to ask Grandpa Hesler if he saw any buildings like this!

We met "the REAL SLEEPING BEAUTY".  Emeline was beside herself.  The shirts were part of the "surprise".

In the distance you can make out the Eiffel Tower.  The sun bleached it right out.  Margie has a phone because we were playing an interactive treasure hunt with it.  The characters on the phone would give us messages and we had to search around "Paris" to try to find the clues.  Some pretty AMAZING things happened when we pushed the "ok" button in certain areas of "Paris".  If we ever go again we will definitely do more of this interactive game.
More to come!

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