Monday, March 26, 2012

My Margie is 3!!!

"Show me "3" Margie"
She couldn't for the life of her get those fingers to work!

She had to hold her ring finger up! It was cute.

She is currently on a hat kick.

My little rug rat! LOVE HER SO MUCH! She will be one of those girls that says it like it is, full of fun and lightheartedness.

Look at how ladylike Emmy is! I'm so proud!

Cool socks from Georgia!

Cool glasses from Josie. Margie has been "needing" some glasses. She let us know of that "need" last week when we were outside. Good listening Josie!

Fresh Beat CD. They love to rock to that.

A CAMERA. After seeing other family members with these cameras everything from a kitchen timer to a rock has been used for a camera by my Margie Sue. Figured we could break down and get her one!

I love you Margie soooo much. You bring a smile to my face EVERY day! Stay forever you!!

xoxo Mom

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