Friday, March 2, 2012

Georgia's family birthday

I had to get these pictures up here. I'm WAYYY behind!
Cassie, as a surprise, brought her puppies!!

SOOO cute!

Georgia has hers picked out!!

Kibble time!

Emeline and her bud Brendan. They are inseparable when together.

My Miss Margie being so well behaved. (for a change!)

Singing happy birthday to my girl.

Scamper in the doll house bed?!

Sleeping puppies. They were beat from the excitement too.

The gaggle of kids...not sure what they are looking at?

Jake playing with Bandit.

2 good boys.

Four wheeler ride. Jake was actually pushing it too!


heavenly bliss said...

I love you mom!!! love,Georgia

Theresa said...

I love the pictures!! I can't believe it, Georgia is 11! She looks so grown up.

The Parenti Family said...

Everyone is getting so big!! It's so bittersweet!! Beautiful children, family, and puppies too ;) xoxo!!!!!