Thursday, May 6, 2010

homemade pinata

Well we made a pinata to help celebrate cinco de mayo. We started it Tue. because I knew it would have to dry so here are the kids getting ready to get dirty!

When I said dirty I meant dirty. I think they had more flour paste on themselves than they got on the balloon.
Emmy took a turn blowing it a little because mom was afraid it wasn't going to be dry in time.

It was dry in the morning and Jo was the first one up so she helped be put the fringe on it. We used slit pieces of crepe paper.
All ready to whack.

Yippee! All that work smashed to the driveway :(

We also made a Tres Leche cake. Very fancy I must say with the tres leche sauce.
It was superb. This will definitely be a recipe we remember.
!Happy Cinco de Mayo!


偉子生誠 said...
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Jessie Mae said...

What an awesome pinata girls! How many whacks did it take to break it open? That cake looked delicious too!