Monday, December 6, 2010

Jo's Birthday

Here are a bunch of pictures from Josie's family birthday party. My little Jo is 7!
She really wanted a pumpkin roll after seeing a picture of one so pumpkin roll she got!

"7". With her pizza stained mouth!
Oh Georgia has a pizza stained mouth too. I have to laugh because the close up of Emmy and of course Margie showed sauce on their face too. Then I laughed harder because I got to the close up of Brad and he had it too! I was the one with the camera so their is NO proof of mine!

A giggle.
Lost in her food .... again! She LOVES to eat.
I just had to put this series of pictures up here. It had me in hysterics. This was Jo's first gift. What the...? A big black rubber circle?? A flying disc maybe??
Her second. A rather heavy bunch of metal all folded up. A .... ??? I don't know.
Notice the look on her face.
This makes more sense. Some wooded sticks. Hey they look like drum sticks!!!!
"Yipppeeeee Yaayyyy Wooo HOooo" (jumping and clapping)

A REALLY big REALLY heavy big black thing. Emmy yelled full of excitement "She got a new backpack!!!" Which was exactly what it was. A backpack with a ......
..... snare drum inside. Oh that is what the heavy metal thing was. A stand.
Rock on Jo! (Videos to come)
I just have to say thank heavens that the big black rubber circle was included in the kit. (A practice pad to mute the sound!)


Jessie Mae said...

That's awesome Josie!! Looking forward to hearing you play! :)

The Parenti Family said...

looks like a fun family party! Pizza and all !! (hey, where is that pizza faced pic of Brad though?!!) :)