Friday, July 2, 2010


We have been enjoying the horses this year.
This weekend we had the neighbors over to get a lesson and they were floating on air.
My Jazz is 15 this year! She is such a nice girl.
Pony is becoming a dream. I have tried to make my time with him quality training time and it seems to have worked. He is gently and allows you to finally brush him all over. He is taking the saddle and pad with little fuss and I can trim his feet with no problem. His main and tail are finally growing back and he is becoming quite the handsome little guy. Finally I feel confident that he is not going to act up around the girls and I allow Georgia and Josie handle him on their own. Don't worry they are horse smart kids!


The Parenti Family said...

what a nice shiny coat on that little guy!! Can't wait to meet him!!!

Anonymous said...
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