Friday, September 12, 2008

Pumpkins and Pilgrims!

We picked a few of our pumpkins yesterday. These ended up on our rock wall and down by the bridge I just forgot to take some pictures.
We may be getting a little ahead of ourselves but in Georgia's History "class" she learned about Separatists and how they called themselves Pilgrims. So, as you can see we made pilgrim hats of the female kind. Josie ran to the mirror and came back a little disappointed. She said it looks like she has a mailbox on her head.
The pattern can be found here
Little pilgrims digging for potatoes to eat for dinner.

We found a bucket full but I didn't get a picture of that either!
We have high-speed by the way. The computer has been on since this morning as we have tried out all the stuff we haven't been able to do till now. These pictures uploaded in less than 2 minutes I couldn't believe it!!! YAY.


Jessie Mae said...

Wow, it's pumpkin season already! What we thought was our pumpkin patch turned out to be a gourd patch! That is wonderful that you were able to get high speed internet! You guys are going to love it. I'll have to email you some neat learning websites for you and the kids!

The Parenti Family said...

I love the pilgrim hats!! They could use those for halloween too! Your pumpkins turned out really nice, great shapes on them! I took some pictures today and yesterday at the farm.. We had all been helping out there and we have a patch there too (I think I posted a pic on our blog of Sarah with her pumpkin..) Christian picked his giant variety yesterday and Sarah's was picked today. (about 200 lbs each! now that would be some pie, huh Georgia?!) They kids are learning the names of all of the different kinds and we had one with dinner tonight, it was really yummy. I love toasting the seeds too. If you toast the seeds of a "cheese" pumpkin you can eat them whole. They are hulless.. try it out! The kids are going to try and sell their pumpkins at the stand by the farm-house. I took some pictures, but with our SLOOOOOW speed it is going to take too long and it's already getting late, so next time! (I am so jealous of your high speed! :) congrats on that by the way!) enjoy your "new "internet and look up all kinds of neat things! I love what you guys are learning...I like seeing what you guys are doing and what you're learning, it's very interesting!! history is my favorite.
Have fun you gals!
Jenny P
ps. Jenny, I thought of you this am while watching the CBS Sunday morning news (one of my favorites) they had a bit on there about homeschooling. Maybe it's on their website.. try and look it up as they did mention some suppliers and the latest on homeschooling! It was pretty interesting!