Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An adventure in the woods!

We took a nature hike a few days ago. First stop was atop a round bale in the field out back. Usually the dog loves to jump on the bales with the kids. We use round bales to feed the horses through the winter therefore we usually have two rows of 6 down by our horse shed. At least once after we get them in place the dog goes nuts and jumps atop them and just runs around the tops of them like a maniac. The kids love it.
We went in search of wildlife and at first all we saw was hundreds and hundreds of frogs that would jump into puddles as we walked by. It was a little gross thinking that our feet were so close to smooshing them there were that many. As far as wildlife goes little did we know what we would soon encounter!

Here is a pretty spot full of ferns.

Our walk was abbreviated because.... The most exciting thing was after we had hiked about 15-20 minutes into the woods I heard a rustle and then coyotes started howling at us. WE WERE SOOO CLOSE EVERY HAIR ON MY NECK STOOD UP. I had Em in my arms and instantly Jo and Georgia jumped on me. We didn't even stick around to see if we could see them we just ran and ran and ran. It has permanently damaged Jo. Every now and then she will hear something like a siren in the distance and come crying to me.

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