Sunday, December 30, 2007

A visit from Gma and Gpa S

Today we enjoyed the company of Gma and Gpa S. for a Christmas celebration. They got to meet their grandson Brendan for the first time. It was a day of snacks and conversation- my favorite kind! Love you Dad, Glenda and Reese.
Theresa is always a big hit with the kids. Em was happy playing with her until Theresa dumped her on her head! Ha ha Reese!

I just loved this picture of Grandpa meeting his first grandson for the first time.

Some patient children waiting to be handed a gift.

My three girls with their grandparents. They really miss you guys and were sure happy to have you visit. We look forward to it every year!

Here they are with their ever-growing group of grandkids!

"Heavenly Father, you blessed
Mary and Joseph for their unity and
love. Let your Holy Spirit unite the
members of our families as well."

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